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Security copter for whom? When Lee Harvey Oswald's girl friend Judyth Vary Baker launched her book (Me and Lee) in Toronto -- powerful entities took note! We announced an attempt would be made on her life that may involve Nelson Thall/Lenny Bloom 30% owner of the Toronto Star. He stood up his appointment with her and her publisher's meal time and travelled to Montreal instead while she was given a meal full of glass needles causing blood from the mouth and esophagus to silence her launch efforts. Was Thall involved? See below what happened to Toronto Street News after our public warning before the glass food attack -- we have reason to believe the Toronto Star is a threat to Canada.TORSTAR corporation publishes the Eye tabloid profiting from many picture pages of sex for money ads. Thall's PhD associate informed us Thall pushed him to view prostitute web pages. The list of attacks on Toronto Street News after tangling with Thall and Bob Rae-Cohen is endless!

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3rd Arson Attack on Toronto Street News!

This is what you get when you report on a really hot story -- a police copter parked over your back door!! Talk about Big Brother surveillance! A lot more to this incident!

Major scandal stories in our tabloid Toronto Street News  also expose media frauds themselves. Our 15th year subsidizing the poor and handicapped. Arson attacks on our unique publication of Canadian standards hurts the homeless, handicapped, health-challenged and dying who sell on the streets -- having helped put million$ into the hands of Toronto's poor.  The National Post hinders us having sent a free-lance reporter to get a free bundle of papers in order to do a "story" on panhandlers which our street sales people are not. We're still waiting for  a payment for the bundle that did not get into the hands of those who need them. The National Post also fabricated a story on myself saying I worked at an antique shop in order to suppress my actual mainstream contacts with former graphic design customers such as former premiers Bob Rae-Cohen, Bill Davis and Leader of the honest federal Opposition leader Jack Layton. 

After reading mainstream media readers know what to expect saying: "This is the only real newspaper in the city!"

Why would they say that?  Major scandals don't get into mainstream news which frequently act as shills for bank advertisers and political parties..  After having our other website hacked, emails hacked, car blown up, almost run off the road twice, surveillance, etc.

THREE office locations burned out in 3 years with no source of fire ever detected -- We do know who orders these attacks on our paper as their emails and other threats are passed on to us. Our corporate advertisers have disappeared after threats -- we understand their reticence . Toronto reporters self-censor on chemtrails, world crashed economy,  police crime scandals, 911 and the JFK assassination. Very powerful and sophisticated operation against us resulted in a new Rogers Cell phone being fried in my hand while I am speaking to an FBI informant moments after the first attempt to run us off the highway at high speed.

Well, we know plenty -- Why would Nelson Thall/Lenny Bloom's  (30% owner of the Toronto Star)  associates try to clean up his image after we reported a few shocking facts about the Toronto Star's support of Stalin before and after the war? And during the cold war? Informing to the KGB? Why calls from Thall's associates in Hawaii to clean up Thall's image? Why an attempt at an alibi for Thall supplied to us by another of his associates when he skipped an appointment to interview Lee Harvey Oswald's girl friend and publisher of 'Me and Lee' where she was to be attacked? We warned Conspiracy Culture bookstore Thall could possibly be involved in an attempt on Baker's life. Next day, he stood her up after finding out her hotel address, ran to Montreal while she was given a plate of food laced with glass needlets that sent her to hospital.  Is someone afraid of further scandals about the Star?? How could our exclusive stories about Thall as reported on US news websites be sabotaged in spite of them writing updates themselves about our information? Along the way Toronto Street News has become part of the story.

Woman Reading Newspaper on Yellow Wall,

  Tabloid pages will be uploaded monthly as we recover from our 3rd arson attack -- now in our 15th year.

Informants keep us at the leading edge on local New World Order types -- RCMP sargeant chauffeur for PM Trudeau told us about Maggie's beatings - Harper then ordered secrecy promises from staff. 

Arson attacks make our supporters more determined to deliver the truth against media lies and myths of all kinds.

The Toronto Star doesn't report 8,000,000 Ukrainians starved to death by Stalin. We wonder why. Actually we know why as alien philosophy controls the Toronto Star — a threat to Canada?


Our street sales people have been able to put millions of dollars into their pockets over the years as sales approach 2,000,000; our 24 page tabloid thrives in spite of 3 arson attacks; 2 attempts to run me off the highway; a cell phone fried in my hand while talking to my FBi informant; hacked email account; hacked website; advertisers threatened; constant surveilance includes high level cell phone eavesdropping to appear at appointment that brought "white shoes" to our FBI restaurant meetup on a rainy night in winter; our exclusive Lee Harvey Oswald story on Judyth Vary Baker almost instantly removed from US websites that wrote up the incident themselves and couldn't understand how it could be stolen. Jackie Kennedy's cousin did see one of the stories just before it was sabotaged from the management's website. Why would CIA-asset and millionaire co-founder of the Toronto Sun still push the discounted story that Oswald shot Kennedy in spite of proof that three shooters were involved? That Kennedy's skull was blasted out of the back of his head? That the coroners testified recently that the skull was obviusly rebuilt for a new photo?

What a laugh -- this latest site not yet hacked has already been rated as "very poor" in every category they can try to smear us with. /another harassment activity. What else will "they" do to prove their evil and psychopathic existence.

"White Shoes" actually wears feet things closer to white floppy clown shoes. What a laugh! Surveilles our only advertiser standing up to threats from "them". We live a movie drama but it's far from fun. Another associate with a powerful website had a "mind control" woman come to visit him -- gave him a hot toddy meant to kill him -- 241 heart beats a minute -- he just survived that one! Read our tabloid and you'll understand who "they" are!

Ukraine received Buk anti-aircraft missiles days before their shoot-down of the Malaysian flight -- the radiation from their missile launch site was detected by Russian military.

Ukraine has now shot down two passenger jets over that country -- in October 2001 they shot down a jet travelling from Tel Aviv to Siberia. It was reluctantly admitted to by the Ukraine military at the time following an international air traffic investigation.

Former US ambassador to Ukraine lied by saying Russia had invaded Crimea which voted 98% to rejoin a Christian Russia as it was a former Russian province forced to be a part of Ukraine by former commie leader Kruschev.

Greenwald says most US journalists are coward when it comes to Israel